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Corum Replica

The transparent caseback and meticulously skeletonized user interface of this special edition showcase the high-end technological expertise of the brand. The new Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Ceramica is also called "Lo Scienziato", which is a nickname of Galileo Galilei, and represents his dedication to extending human knowledge through scientific study. Corum Replica watches with skeletonized dials are rare, even if they have a lot to offer.www.trustytimenoob.com This makes the timepiece more valuable. I predict this will become one of Corum Replica's most popular models.

Galilei‚Äôs discoveries had an enormous impact on mankind. Some of them, like the law of isochronisms in the pendulum, even determined the evolution of mechanical watchmaking. We are fortunate to have the traditional knowledge and skills combined with the latest technology and materials. This is what we call the masterpieces of haute horology. "Lo Scienziato", a true horological masterwork, features a tourbillon, one of the most valuable complications, which is revealed through an open-worked dial with reticulate pattern, as well as other expensive components.

Officine Corum Replica has developed and designed the P.2005/S Calibre handwinding skeletonized movements. The movement is made up of 277 parts, including 31 gems. It can run optimally up to six days when fully wound.

The cage of the tourbillon is visible in the 11-o'clock position. This is an unusual location for a tourbillon. The two small subdials have been beautifully decorated to match the mechanical components.Rolex Replica Watches In fact, the second time zone indicator and small seconds look like they're part of the mechanism. The blackened finish blends in perfectly with the color of ceramic case.

The black ceramic case is a robust design with a diameter of 48mm. It provides an exceptional aesthetic effect, and at the same guarantees extreme hardness (5 times stronger than stainless steel), and resistance to scratches and shocks. The black ceramic case features a round bezel with sandblasting and a traditional crown protector device.