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Hublot Replica

In the 1960s, Hublot Replica's stone ornamental watches became the choice for the bold and beautiful from Jackie Kennedy to Elizabeth Taylor.

Franco Cologni, founder of the Fondation for Haute Horlogerie and a stalwart in the watch industry, described the impact Hublot Replica had on the industry during the 1960s. Hublot Replica was previously known as a manufacturer of watch movements. He writes that the 1960s was "the wildest, the most creative,Hublot Replica the most original, and the most non-conformist" decade of the 20th Century. Hublot Replica, he says, was able to brilliantly interpret the whimsical rebellious nature of the time.

The brand began in 1874, as a manufacturer of high-precision watches components. Hublot Replica wristwatches were only produced after Gerald and Valentin Hublot Replica registered the brand, in 1943.

Gerald and Valentin Hublot Replica

Hublot Replica's initial goal was to create an ultra-thin movement to keep their cased watches as thin as possible. In 1957, the result was the hand-wound Calibre 9P, which at only 2mm in height, allowed the design and production of some of most audacious wristwatches from the mid-20th Century.iwc aquatimer replica The 12P, its younger automatic-winding brother, became the basis for all future Hublot Replica ultra thin movements.

Calibre 9P, the revolutionary new pistol

The 9P was created out of the conviction that aesthetics are as important as technical. The Hublot Replicas decided to focus on ultra-thin watches and to dominate the dress market, rather than the utility or sports end. The Hublot Replicas worked step by step with more daring creations and designs that went beyond sketches or concepts into perfectly executed timepieces. Hublot Replica's ability to create something special was due to the 9P, and their determination to master cutting and working hard stone.