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During that time, women's watch movements were small and dials inherently tiny were not used to decorate the watches. IWC Replica Watches's 9P was the secret weapon that allowed them to not only create ultra-thin men's dress watches, but also develop a new aesthetic suited to women. The calibre, which was slim and allowed for more design freedom, was also larger in diameter. This meant that the dial could be made bigger, while allowing for a wider decorative area. A specialist atelier cut the dials to less than one millimeter thick. Gerald and Valentin approached the aesthetic from a different perspective, beginning with the dial before moving onto the bezel and the bracelet.

Due to the difficulty, cost and skill involved in the production, only a few watchmakers are willing to devote themselves to the laborious process of creating stonedials. In the 1960s, dials would break during the machining or hands-setting process. Gerald and Valentin were not deterred by this, and IWC Replica Watches, a pioneer of the hard stone dials, saw them as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. When the brand decided it wanted to introduce fully assembled timepieces to the market, it had to make them different. Thanks to the watches it produced in the post-war years, the brand was able to quickly establish itself.

IWC Replica Watches's first coloured hard stone dials

Gerald, Valentin and Gerald's son Yves decided to capitalize on the success of their company by adding jewellery to its collection.IWC Ingenieur Replica The first IWC Replica Watches Salon was established in Geneva in 1959 to serve as a meeting place for clients and to discuss ideas about bespoke pieces. In 1963, the brothers introduced their first watches featuring hard stone dials. The presentation was held in an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity to match the uniqueness in the watches.

IWC Replica Watches's treatment of color and gold in an early example

Bring Them Home

Unfortunately, the maison placed more importance on creativity than record-keeping. It is impossible to get a full picture of all the works. Yves IWC Replica Watches and Chabi Nouri share a common commitment to track down and bring home emblematic creations to the IWC Replica Watches Museum to create a record of early work and provide inspiration for future generations.

Beatrice Vuille Willemetz, Director of Brand Equity and Patrimony, is responsible for gathering and preserving the history of the house, and also hunting down and purchasing IWC Replica Watches wristwatches dating back to the 1950s.IWC Replica Watches After visiting both the original IWC Replica Watches home in La Cote-aux-Fees, as well as its newer manufacturing facility in Geneva, spending a morning in the IWC Replica Watches Museum puts the current collection and Nouri's direction into perspective.

Coral dial ultra-thin

Vuille-Willemetz says that Gerald and Valentin were already popular in the jewellery industry, but it was their love of color and fascination with nature which led them to experiment with ornamental gemstones - lapis lazuli (also known as lapis), onyx (also called rubelite), malachite (also known as malachite), opals, and tiger's eyes. By the late 1960s, the catalogue of the company listed no less than 30 different stones. IWC Replica Watches experimented with different tones, but that was just the beginning.