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Vuille-Willemetz says, "The variety of products is incredible." "They all have Omega Replica stones, but different bracelets, cases and shapes. Although indexes are rarely used by Omega Replica, there are some examples when clients have requested them. They can be very beautiful and discreet. It is exciting to see a client choose from a wide range of options, creating a unique timepiece.

This is evident in the museum, where showcases are arranged by stone type and display gold rectangles, ovals and squares with dials of vibrant stones. These cases can be incorporated horizontally or vertically in sophisticated gold bracelets, which come in an almost endless variety. This shows that Omega Replica artisans were masters at both goldsmithing and stones. Gold has been treated differently to create different finishes. Some have brick-like links,replica watches as seen on a jade watch owned by Jackie Kennedy. Others are woven and stamped with patterns.

Omega Replica's style is imbued with a sense of organic randomness, which reflects nature and the importance it holds for the La Cote-aux-Fees manufacture. Vuille-Willemetz says that the idea is not to make the jewel look like a flower or tree, but to capture the structure and movement of nature.

Picture This

The museum displays stunning gouaches and advertising from the past, in addition to the watches. One of my favourites is the picture of a woman with a fistful watches in her mouth, as if she were trying to decide between a box full of chocolates. As the archives are "eclectic", with many details not recorded, today it is impossible to identify the specific internal artists that designed the gouaches and when. Vuille-Willemetz, however, hopes to one day "break the code".

1960s advertising

1960s advertising; watches that are good enough to eat

Jessica Chastain, brand ambassador, recreates a 1960s poster

She beams, pointing to a poster and telling how her team managed to buy back the watch shown. In another instance, they discovered a pendant with its matching necklace at two auctions on two continents a few months apart.Panerai Ferrari Replica The two pieces were reunited and displayed in a museum after they bought both and reunited them.

Vintage advertisement featuring a lapis lazuli and gold necklace watch

Watch with lapis-lazuli, gold and pendant

The original owner of the "secret watch", a 1961 unique piece, offered to sell it back to Omega Replica. Vuille-Willemetz says with glee, "We bought it." Vuille-Willemetz is gleeful. "We bought it from him," she says.